Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Retrospective #416: Readership Statistics

As I pass 300,000 page views on this blog, it occurred to my editor that my readers might be interested in who besides you reads it. So, using the bare analytics on the Blogger platform, I assembled a few statistics.
Only 41% of my viewers are from the United States. About as many come from the next 9 countries combined, in page view order: Ukraine, Israel, France, Russia, China, United Kingdom, Canada, Poland and Germany. The remaining +/-20% are from dozens of other countries, principally among them India, Australia and Singapore!
Ukraine is 2nd and figures prominently probably because someone there is “stealing” my intellectual property and regularly “hosting” a link to my columns in a health or nutrition-related newsletter. That’s fine with me. I do this for educational purposes, not financial ones. I offer no advertising, so I do not forego “income by hit.”
Israel comes in 3rd because someone there is reading my blog regularly and once in a while provides a link to their readership. And then, pop, 2,500 ‘hits’ in an hour. Same thing happened in Singapore a few years back.
I’ve been publishing this blog (as of January 2018) for 7 years, most of that time once a week. For a couple of years, I posted twice a week and then burned out and took an 8-month break. My average monthly viewership for the last 4 years, including the 8-month hiatus, is over 5,300, or about 180 per day, with a wide monthly range: 9,781 to 2,404. Allowing for the decline during the period when I was not writing, that comes out to about 6k/mo. or 200/day.
Most viewers find this blog through a Google search and are not regular readers. They search by subject using “keywords.”  According to the Blogger analytics, 6 of 10 keywords were searched using an “88 search engine.” In the early years, many page views resulted from my shameless self-promotion, providing a link on sites like Livin la Vida Low Carb (Jimmy Moore), Authority Nutrition, and Canadian low-carb blogger Dr. Jay Wortman.
The 10 most popular posts (incorporating the “88” search engine) since I began writing this blog are as follows:
#88 “Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes” Made #1 by the coincidence of very high interest subject matter and #88.
#31   Carbohydrates and Sugars A decent primer, drawn mostly from the Wikipedia entry on the subject.
#101 Why I'm Never Hungry A touchstone subject and one that I return to often.
#197 Triglycerides and Alcohol Consumption  A surprising hit; a lot of bibulous tipplers out there, I guess.
#108 "You're eating too much dairy."  This one is a compendium of excerpts from a few experts on the subject.
#38 "The Perfect Health Diet" A book review but, aside from that, probably searched for the subject matter.
#21 The Dangers of Polyunsaturated Fats An important and under-addressed subject. I’m delighted it’s a hit.
#281 HDL-C and Triglycerides With 282 & 283 a series on the transformation of my own HDL and TGLs on VLC.
#103 Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) Everyone thinks they are a special case, so they want to believe this.
#61 Stefansson and the Eskimo Diet  Another surprise, popular because of the early link on Dr. Wortman’s site.
In my opinion, many of these top 10 are not my best efforts, but they do show what the reader is searching for. As such they offer an insight for me to ponder as I contemplate what to write about next. I note, however, the list is heavily biased toward the low numbered posts, reflecting the time that those posts have been “out there” in the blogosphere and available to search engines. As such, many newer ones will eventually catch up.
Many of my personal favs did not make the Top 10 list. Some are among “The NEXT 25 most popular,” to be published next week (tomorrow, now) as “Type 2 Diabetes #417.” If you’re interested, I hope you’ll look it over. Other favs have hardly been read at all. To find those, you’ll just have to read all 400+ at www.thenutritiondebate.com .
The original #414 was posted in January 2018. Page views have now surpassed 415k. Current hot spot: Hong Kong.

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