Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Retrospective #417: The NEXT 25 Most Popular Posts

Yesterday, in Retrospective #416, “Readership Statistics,” I listed the 10 most popular posts I’ve written since I started this blog 10 years ago in 2010. Since most of them were found by a search engine query, the result is biased in favor of low-numbered posts. I was disappointed, therefore, that some of my personal favorites were not included.
In an effort to correct the low-number bias and include some of my own favorites, I decided today to offer you the NEXT 25 most viewed posts. Most of these, it turns out, are also low-numbered. Maybe my recent subject matter is of less interest because it’s less basic. Well, that’s good, in a way. There are lots of overweight, Prediabetic and frank Type 2s out there who still need to learn the basics about optimizing nutrition. Type 2 diabetes IS a dietary disease.
The NEXT 25 Most Popular Posts
1 #68 Triglycerides, Fish Oil and Sardines Compelling N=1 evidence; also #281, #282 and #283 on how to raise HDL-C.
2 #100 Liquid Calories   A few good points about digestion, then the Harvard Public Health recommendations.
3 #19 The Archevore Way of Eating, and #18: Kurt G. Harris’s mantra: limit wheat, excess fructose and Omega 6s.
4 #32 Artificial Sweeteners Useful, but I and those “in the know” use pure stevia extract, either powdered or liquid.
5 #25 Understanding Your Lipid Panel Solid, easy-to-understand basics about cholesterol; a must read!
6 #64 Very Low Carb Eating, 10 Years Later Good, big picture data; also see #387 for “15 years on VLC.”
7 #35 The Diet Doctor and the LCHF Diet 6 years old but still good. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, is the majordomo of LCHF.
8 #72 How to Fix Your Cholesterol Good basics on the lipid panel & Friedewald formula; see also #25 above.
9 #99 Natural History of Type 2 Diabetes Ralph DeFronzo’s, MD, description of the evolution/progression of T2DM.
10 #94 Eating Clean About the manifesto of Singaporeans who subscribe to a “clean” lifestyle, and used to read me.
11 #194 Live Fermented Foods Just a primer, but informative. See also my reply to an old follower’s comment.
12 #54 Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf, and Kurt Harris A couple of book reviews, and another paean to Dr. Kurt Harris.
13 #160 Letterman to Hanks: "...through diet, mostly" An example of how the media usually gets it wrong.
14 #30 Is Fructose Toxic to the Liver? With #29, covers the story; lots of stuff from Robert Lustig’s “The Bitter Truth.”
15 #55 The Beleaguered Gary Taubes A defense of the “Insulin Hypothesis” by the pioneer science writer of VLC.
16 #140 Peanuts, my nemesis Mostly relies on the Jaminets’ “Perfect Health Diet.” Note: I am still addicted.
17 #126 Do you live to eat or eat to live? Transitioning is difficult and ongoing, but possible. I am still working on it.
18 #59  What I Eat and Why: The VLCKD The title says it all: Why I eat a Very Low Carb Ketogenic Diet (VLCKD)
19 #89 Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes, Revisited This is a sequel to my #1 most popular post #88. See also #380.
20 #33 Omental Adiposity Good basic information, especially for men with beer bellies, who look pregnant!
21 #83 The 8-hour Diet I don’t recommend this huckster’s “diet,” although Intermittent Fasting (IF) is good.
22 #9 Metabolic Syndrome A seminal post, now 10 years old, and only 32nd most read. See also #334 and #335.
23 #122 Macronutrient Ratios and Calorie Restriction Loaded with specifics and a good, clear message.
24 #158 Demolishing the Saturated Fat Bogeyman An authoritative review from the British Medical Journal.
25 #152 Set Point Theory This column is much more than Set Point theory. It is loaded with goodies!
I’ve published hundreds of columns since the highest numbered one on this list! Not one is among my Top 35. Further study of “search engine optimization” will be required to learn why. I need to get more readers for some of what I’ve written in the last few years! There’re lots of good “poop” out there that’s being laid on a fallow field.

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